Gardner Engines for Marine Use

Gardner engines are renowned for their legendary fuel economy, reliability and durability. So successful was the range of hand-built engines produced by Gardner in the twentieth century, they remain ever-popular as a reconditioned version today. Due largely to the high quality of original engine castings, used engines can be transformed today into as new condition with careful and experienced reconditioning.

Mainline specialises in reconditioning Gardner engines. Models available from Mainline as reconditioned engines are:

  • 6LX & 6LXB (6 cylinder, naturally aspirated: from 110 bhp to 150 bhp)
  • 8LXB (8 cylinder, naturally aspirated: from 170 bhp to 200 bhp)
  • 3LW (3 cylinder, naturally aspirated: from 42 bhp to 47 bhp)
  • 4LW (4 cylinder, naturally aspirated: from 56 bhp to 62 bhp)
  • 5LW (5 cylinder, naturally aspirated: from 70 bhp to 78 bhp)
  • 6LW (6 cylinder, naturally aspirated: from 84 bhp to 94 bhp)
  • (6 cylinder & 8 cylinder turbocharged engines are subject to core availability)


Mainline has it’s own unique ‘Step-by-Step’ reconditioning program to ensure every engine that goes through this procedure is finished to a high quality standard.

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The engine is completely stripped down, crankshaft checked for twist & bend and machined & polished to standard or next undersize as required.


Cylinder Head 

Cylinder Heads are stripped, cleaned & reassembled with new or reground valves & new valve guides. Joint faces are machined.


Cylinder Blocks 

Cylinder Blocks are re-sleeved with new cylinder liners, bored & plateau honed to Gardner specs.


Engine Reassembly

The engine is reassembled and fitted with new genuine Gardner piston assemblies. Bearings, seals & many other items are automatically replaced with new or reconditioned genuine Gardner parts


Fuel Pump Assembly  

Fuel Pump System & sub assemblies are completely overhauled. Reconditioned genuine Gardner injectors are electronically calibrated with the pump tops to deliver exacting power output.


Water Cooled Manifold

Optional Water Cooled Manifold – Square section, galvanised steel manifold. Ideal for engine rooms where ventilation is inadequate.


Polished engine

Optional engine polishing – eg. Cylinder head covers, injector pipes, cylinder head doors. For the true ‘show engine’ enthusiast!

See our photo gallery for a sample of Gardner engines that have been supplied with pride worldwide. If you’d like more information, please email us.

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